My background and My story


Having a passion to work with people to bring healing and resolution, I strive to encourage and equip others to reach their greatest potential and empower them with the necessary tools to guide them in this process. My approach to counseling is both collaborative and integrative, drawing from Cognitive Behavioral, Interpersonal, Psychodynamic, and Family Systemic Theories. I have discovered that each person has a fascinating life story to share. Through one’s story, we discover how each person was influenced by past experiences, both positive and negative; interactions with family members and peers; and beliefs constructed around thoughts and feelings experienced during significant life events. Utilizing the above-mentioned theories greatly assists me in better understanding each person, his/her story, and root causes that fuel patterns of behavior. In addition to addressing the issues that bring the client to seek relief, we will together acknowledge and augment the person’s strengths.

While working at HopeQuest Ministry Group’s 90-day residential TREK program, I had rich, extensive experience with a variety of addiction issues; alcohol, drug, and sexual brokenness. In that setting, I worked with individuals, spouses, and family members through individual, couples, and family counseling as well as leading multiple therapeutic psychoeducational and process groups. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity and privilege to engage others on a daily basis, walking each client through the process of self-discovery, awareness, and impact of previous choices and life events, and assisting in the construction of a healthier, more productive life. I also work with those sorting through grief, relationship conflict, loss, and spiritual confusion surrounding life events.

Prior to becoming a therapist, I had several career endeavors. Through my working experiences, I discovered that I am most passionate interacting with people individually or in small group settings. During the process of earning my first Master’s degree, I had the unique experience of working on a church staff. I enjoyed working with families of all ages but missed the opportunities to connect with these families on a closer level. I knew and heard of the struggles that family members dealt with on a daily basis, but did not have the time or opportunity to intersect these families to provide relief or beneficial solutions. I kept thinking that there has to be another avenue to help and serve these families. In one of many “coincidental” conversations, I was inspired to obtain my degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy. Through this process of education and experiences, I discovered that my purpose and passion intersected. I love to participate in assisting others in “transforming their lives by renewing their minds and restoring their hearts.”

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia. I received his Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Richmont Graduate University, Atlanta, GA. Additionally, I also earned a Master of Arts degree in Children and Family Ministry from Bethel University, St. Paul, MN. I have been married since 1994 and have four children.

MIKE CARRICO(678) 935-7935 | Info@mikecarricomft.com
Clinical Member of American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT)



Richmont Graduate University
Degree Name: Master of Arts (M.A.) Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling
Bethel Seminary-St. Paul
Master of Arts (M.A.) Children and Family Ministry
North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Science (BS)Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, and minor in Genetics


LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor 
Issue Date May 2015
Credential ID LPC008491

LMFT – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Issue Date May 2015
Credential ID MFT001412


I walked away from our last session feeling very confident about where I am and hopeful about where I will continue to develop.  I am continuing to experience good emotional honesty and vulnerability while at the same time practicing increasing emotional independence.

Frank Simmon, 48 Years

Not long ago my Heavenly Father placed Mike Carrico into my life. I was in a period of self-reflection. I think that once you truly discover who you are when you discover your flaws, your hangups, and your “issues,” it is only then that you can grow. He helped me understand that it was okay to be human. It was okay for me to be aware of how I was “wired’. He has a gift and a way of understanding people, and a way of making you feel like you have a friend that can be trusted and be honest with. The better I got to know him the more I felt at ease as we went on my journey to self-discovery. God has used this man to help and love people, and isn’t that what we all should be doing? Mike Carrico does it better than anyone I’ve ever known.

Sandra Walsh, 25 Years

When I met Mike, I had a preconceived notion regarding counselors and it wasn’t a good one.  He blew all of that out of the water with an amazing ability to connect with me and genuinely help me.  My life had come completely apart and I can honestly say that he helped me to see the pieces and show me how to put them back together.  My life changed dramatically because of the skill, giftedness, compassion, and concern that Mike possesses.  Regardless of your situation and circumstances, no matter how hopeless they may seem, I highly recommend talking to Mike and beginning the journey through hope, help, and change.

Jenna Fisher, 29 Years